Andrew Ferrier
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Table Top Charcoal Grill

People believe that grilling should be focused on 2 main things: unique quality of food & the social activity it facilitates. With this project, a fan assisted charcoal grill was innovated with the aim to improve these two aspects and the overall grilling experience for people. These innovations include:


safe & effortless charcoal lighting

1st fan assisted grill with different temperature zones

a refined use cycle


Identified Problems:

  1. Lighter fluid, ash, and grease dripping onto table

  2. Unstable bases

  3. Food falling through the grill

  4. Feeling hesitant to grill ontop of a table (flammable surface)

  5. Lighting the charcoal is very difficult and dangerous.

  6. Lid and shape of product influences interaction.

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current architecture

proposed architecture

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