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A holistic approach to cannabis storage that focuses on child safety and climate optimization.

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The Problems:

Cannabis is increasingly accessible & attractive to children.

"Colorado experienced a 34% increase in kids hospitalized from marijuana ingestion while the rest of the U.S. saw a 19% increase. In most cases, poor child supervision or product storage was reported." - Forbes

Incorrect storage can affect quality & be harmful to the user.

Humidity has a significant influence on mold growth, shelf life, flavor, fluctuating thc/cbd levels, and quality of smoke. 

These parameters are of interest to medical and recreational users.


The Opportunity:

A holistic approach to cannabis storage with a focus on:

- child safety

- both edible/concentrate & flower forms of cannabis

- 2-way humidity control without monthly repurchase of beads

- portability

- mid level price point $75.00

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The ceramic system works by having two types of reusable ceramics. One that releases humidity (a common earthenware) and one that absorbs humidity (earthenware with food safe silica beads inside). This system was proven to work with a functional prototype. 


Depending on what the hygrometer reads, the user may need to increase, decrease, or maintain the current humidity levels. Simply turn the cap to reveal the + or - ceramic to adjust as needed. 


The ceramics last about a month before they must be revitalized. This is better than the competitor solutions that require repurchasing bead packs and throwing the old spoiled one(s) into a landfill. 


After studying the most popular cannabis accessories people own, it was realized that portability and preparation are important parts of ownership. 

Adding these components to this storage unit makes for a holistic solution that looks at all parts of the experience - something that competitors have yet to do.

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- The inner and out shells are made of ABS plastic.

- The over molded gasket that doubles as the hinge is made from TPC (hytrel)

- The humidity inserts are made from ceramic. 

- Assembled with snap fits