Andrew Ferrier is an industrial designer currently located in Ottawa, Canada 

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Fritz Hansen - Basket


This piece is part of Fritz Hansen’s Objects collection. The intent of this project was to develop expressive storage and display solutions that embraced the Fritz Hansen Brand.


Fritz Hansen’s opportunity: a high end basket set that can hold and display a wide range of your belongings

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The top selling baskets/trays that relate to this category cluster into
two groups. We suggested to develop a product within these dimensions.

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Shine is an alarm clock concept. Lifting the clock off the base automatically turns on the portable nightlight which can be used to help with finding one’s way to the bathroom or kitchen at night. This avoids the unpleasant brightness of regular room lighting.

shine_lift off.jpg
shine_in hand.jpg

The light slowly illuminates in the morning for a more natural awakening. The vertical orientation of the clock has a much smaller footprint compared to conventional alarm clocks. 

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During a portion of my internship at Layer I worked on the Nolii collection where my main focus was the bundle cable. The concept builds off of already established habits people have with managing cables. On top of generating and developing concepts, the product had to align with the rest of the Nolii collection.

Landrover Born Award tech category 2018


Two of the strongest concepts were mocked up. The concept on the left moved forward due to it's ability to be placed on a base and the engineering challenges we had with the concept on the right.

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Capital Accessories


People buy great bicycles only to put a mix-match of accessories on it. Having these necessary add-ons introduces a few problems and inconveniences. Capital is a bike saddle that acts as the keystone for all your accessories.

These accessories are usually easy to steal and clutter the look of the bike. This system provides a solution that is light weight, theft proof, convenient and aesthetically pleasing.

Featured on: Behance Product Design, Yanko Design

Milano Montagna Vibram Factory short list


This concept originated from observations made around London, San Francisco, and Hamburg. The saddle builds off a habit many riders already have - bringing your seat inside when locking up your bike. Now all your accessories easily come with you to preventing any theft.


Many configurations are possible to suit many rider's needs. The system was designed so regardless of what options are used, the saddle will still look great.


The front light is simply removed from it's mount and then attached to the saddle's clamping bolt - allowing all your accessories to be carried together. This is acheived by using magnetic connections.


The fender and light compliment each other in terms of their formal relationship but also by function. Acting as a light pipe, it increases the rider's visibility.


The quick release was moved up the the top of the seat post so people don't have to carry an awkwardly shaped and greasy seat into their homes or work.




A holistic approach to cannabis storage that focuses on child safety and climate optimization.

Successfully licensed to a leading cannabis packaging company.

core77 - student notable

International Housewares Competition 2nd place winner 

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The Problems:

Cannabis is increasingly accessible & attractive to children.

"Colorado experienced a 34% increase in kids hospitalized from marijuana ingestion while the rest of the U.S. saw a 19% increase. In most cases, poor child supervision or product storage was reported." - Forbes


Incorrect storage can affect quality & be harmful to the user.

Humidity has a significant influence on mold growth, shelf life, flavor, fluctuating thc/cbd levels, and quality of smoke. 

These parameters are of interest to medical and recreational users.


The Opportunity:

A holistic approach to cannabis storage with a focus on:

- child safety

- both edible/concentrate & flower forms of cannabis

- 2-way humidity control without monthly repurchase of beads

- portability

- mid level price point $75.00

botany_living room_cropped_web.jpg
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The ceramic system works by having two types of reusable ceramics. One that releases humidity (a common earthenware) and one that absorbs humidity (earthenware with food safe silica beads inside). This system was proven to work with a functional prototype. 


Depending on what the hygrometer reads, the user may need to increase, decrease, or maintain the current humidity levels. Simply turn the cap to reveal the + or - ceramic to adjust as needed. 


The ceramics last about a month before they must be revitalized. This is better than the competitor solutions that require repurchasing bead packs and throwing the old spoiled one(s) into a landfill. 


After studying the most popular cannabis accessories people own, it was realized that portability and preparation are important parts of ownership. 

Adding these components to this storage unit makes for a holistic solution that looks at all parts of the experience - something that competitors have yet to do.

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botany_essentials female_web.jpg

- The inner and out shells are made of ABS plastic.

- The over molded gasket that doubles as the hinge is made from TPC (hytrel)

- The humidity inserts are made from ceramic. 

- Assembled with snap fits

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Distortion Pedal


Guitarists are constantly looking for the perfect distortion tone but are often left disappointed with the lack of flexibility in current pedal designs. Instead of having only 2 or 3 physical dials to manipulate the sound, this 'stomp box' uses a smart phone’s interface to allow for intuitive, in depth tone control. 


Guitarists usually have many pedals lined up beside each other making the space in front of them valuable.  The proportions of this pedal are designed to be narrower to free up space, but still large enough to comfortably stomp on.

The CMF was chosen to be durable. Many brands powder coat their equipment and this chips off almost immediately. Celebrating the interesting textures of galvanized steel, Conus will continue to look great.

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Book Ends


This project explores typography, packaging, and the honest use of materials.

Featured on Gessato

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Table Top Charcoal Grill


People believe that grilling should be focused on 2 main things: unique quality of food & the social activity it facilitates. With this project, a fan assisted charcoal grill was innovated with the aim to improve these two aspects and the overall grilling experience for people. These innovations include:


safe & effortless charcoal lighting

1st fan assisted grill with different temperature zones

a refined use cycle


lighter fluid, ash, and grease dripping

unstable bases

food can fall through the grill

hesitation while putting grill on table

lighting charcoal is very difficult and the most dangerous part

lid and shape influences interaction

pink mockupweb.jpg

current architecture

proposed architecture

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The world of competitive endurance sports requires athletes to race in environments very different from their practice environment. This device allows athletes to precisely adjust their pace and heart rate to these new places, giving them a competitive edge. 

featured: Yanko Design, leManoosh

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The athlete measures the environment that they train in periodically to understand what the body's acclimated to. Any environmental factor that affects the body's performance is measured.


oxygen levels

UV levels





air quality



The athlete then measures the environment that they are competing in. These environments can vary from each other drastically. 



Depending on what the athlete's acclimated to and what the race environment is, pace suggests an adjustment in their pace/heart rate. 

This takes the guess work out of preparing for more harsh environments or taking advantage of more favourable conditions. 

Pace_app screens_V2.jpg
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San Francisco, California

Industrial Designer

September 2017 - present

umbra external design network

(submitting working to monthly design briefs)

March 2018 - present

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San Mateo, California

Industrial Design Intern

June 2017 - September 2017

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London, England

Industrial Design Intern

November 2016 - March 2017

Hamburg, Germany

Industrial Design Intern

April 2016 - October 2016

Mare Island, California

Industrial Design Intern

April 2015 - September 2015




Bachelor of Industrial Design - with distinction, Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. April 2018



Core77 student Notable 2018

Landrover Born Award tech category 2018

Marc C. Gauthier Award 2018

International Housewares Competition 2nd place 2018

Milano Montagna Vibram Factory short list 2017

International Furniture competition top 50 2016

Dean’s List 2014, 2015, 2018

Claude Bissell Scholarship 2015

J. Lorne Gray scholarship 2014

Award of Excellence 2014 for exceptional studio work




• Have the ability to orally present methodology behind design work and it’s resulting solutions.

• Written communication skills have been demonstrated through the multiple research papers composed during my education.

• Visually communicating design and ideas through sketching and other visualization techniques.

• Communicating effectively to a wide range of people and problem solving with a high degree of professionalism.

• Experience with several different computer programs including Solidworks, Illustrator, and Photoshop creating presentation boards and computer models. 

• Model making with a variety of material: mockups or high fidelity prototypes.

• Knowledgeable on production methods and materials used in industry.


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